Shinho Lee

Phone +82-31-850-8976
Email lsh@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Healthcare Industry policy development, Hospital management, Health facility planning and management

MiHyun Chung

Phone +82-31-850-9017
Email eduforest@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Computer Education, Information Analysis Management

Dong-Mo RHIE

Phone +82-31-850-9049
Email rhied@naver.com
세부전공 Health Policy Analysis

IL Hyung Kim

Phone +82-31-850-9344
Email ihkim56@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Start-up Business Incubation

Semi Han

Phone +82-31-850-9030
Email smm32@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Business and Technology Management

Pyoung-Soo Lee

Phone +82-31-850-8987
Email cordbal@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Health Care System and Health Insurance, Health Care Law