The Founding and Leading Department of
Healthcare Industry in the Republic of Korea

Hello, Welcome to the CHA University Department of Healthcare Industry!

Our department was newly established in 2015.

Our identity is founded on creating new educational curriculums that are forward leaning, responsive, and perceptive about future changes to field of healthcare. We created an education system (based on both basic and advanced curriculum) that is focused on bolstering our human resources – professionals who can successfully handle both technology and business issues of our time. The basic course deals with healthcare industry related topics such as healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, medical instruments, cosmetics, u-health, anti-ageing, global healthcare etc. The advanced course is based on the healthcare industry value chain that includes R&D management, technology transfer and commercialisation, global businesses, etc. It is said that around 40% of the added value of the world will be created in the healthcare industry for the next 10 years.


We are looking to groom future leaders of the healthcare industry, subject matter experts, by providing an attentive person to person specialised teaching system that helps our students to easily grasp business-friendly practical knowledge, while gaining practical experience in the field.


Please take a look at our website, and do not hesitate to contact the departmental office (031-850-8942) or head of department (031-850-8976)
should you have any queries.


Thank you very much. Have a great day.
Head Professor, Shin Ho Lee

Shin-Ho Lee

Head of Dept. of Healthcare Industry