The Founding and Leading Department
of Healthcare Industry in the Republic of Korea.

We are the only existing university department that focuses on the healthcare industry in the Republic of Korea: we are unique compared to other departments that deal with healthcare.


Our vision is as follows: The Department of Healthcare Industry of CHA University educates multi-disciplinary and global professionals who can lead the new healthcare industry market. For this, we provide education programmes related to topics such as healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, medical instrument, cosmetics, u-health, anti-ageing, age-friendly industry, global healthcare, well-being, etc. We also provide practical programmes such as R&D planning/management/evaluation, management for technology transfer and commercialisation, consulting on export and overseas expansion, etc.


After graduation, you will have an opportunity to get a job in a diverse range of professional fields, including healthcare institutions, healthcare and cosmetic industry, bio venture companies, government-funded institutes, research institutes in companies, R&DB foundation in the universities, graduate school, etc.